Online Learning


Online Learning

To devote as much time as we can to the practical hands-on training in the classroom, most of the underpinning theory and knowledge is taught through online written assignments. Great Soft Tissue Therapists don’t always have such strong academic skills. So although there is a lot to learn our assignments have been very carefully designed to make it as easy as possible to learn without being too academic. All questions have guidance notes with resources and references to help find the information needed and tutors are available to give extra support if necessary.

Online Video Library

Our students have free unlimited access to our Video Library which currently has over 50 videos which are all exclusive to ISRM. Especially made for us, they cover all aspects of our Soft Tissue Therapy qualification.

All practical hands-on techniques are taught in the classroom with supervision and guidance from highly experience tutors because we know that this is the only effective way to teach them properly. The videos provide additional support to the classroom experience and do not replace any classes.


Why you need to learn so much theory

Many Soft Tissue Therapists start their careers doing Sports Massage because this is environment they are already involved in. So they may expect to have clients who are generally quite fit and healthy with a few aches, pains and minor injuries from doing their sport. For this a student may start off thinking they don’t really need too much underpinning knowledge or study because they only need the hands-on skills.

But sports people are not all young fit and healthy. Some may have more long-term chronic pain which can be quite complex to treat, perhaps involving posture, occupational stress, past injury or even medical issues. And good therapists soon find their reputation spreads beyond the sports sector with clients coming from all walks of life with an ever widening range of injury problems to treat. To be successful at all this a therapist really does need a good level of knowledge and understanding.

Our BTEC Level 5 qualification is equivalent to the 2nd year of a university degree and Soft Tissue Therapy training cannot be achieved with anything less than this because of the amount of knowledge and understanding that it needs.