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ISRM is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Once you have read through the document (see below) and decided that you would like to take out insurance with Balens, please print the document and complete all the relevant parts. This needs to be returned to our office by post (Balens Limited, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2TA) or fax; the fax number is 01684 891361 or they may be scanned and emailed to

In brief

The policy is one of the widest available on the market and includes Medical Malpractice which covers your treatment risk, Professional Indemnity which covers any advice you give that may affect someone financially, Public Liability if someone slipped of you damaged their property, Product Liability if there was a defect in the product you sold and a DAS Legal Expenses package covering Inland Revenue Investigation, Free legal advice helpline, criminal allegations made against you including sexual impropriety and many other features. Also included is Loss of Reputation, Breach of Intellectual Property, Client Confidentiality Protection, Loss of Documents cover, First Aid cover as well as Good Samaritan Acts. The indemnity limit is 4M/6M as per the insurance document and is the maximum per claim however unlike other policies on the market, we allow an unlimited number of claims in the year and legal costs are in addition to this. Please note that products cover is in the aggregate and not per claim. We include Retro-active cover to pick up any previous work performed free of charge and the policy covers you to work anywhere in the UK/Ireland for example a clinic/salon, clients home and your home, please just check if you work from home your household insurer is happy and get in writing, if not we do very competitive insurance and it will allow you to work from home. If you cease to practice we include unlimited Run off cover which means the policy will always be in place if a claim was made after you stop the policy running and this is free of charge. Temporary cover abroad is available at no annual premium as long as UK/Ireland resident and excluding USA/Canada.

You will need to send in copies of your qualifications of a therapy or therapies which you would like added to your policy, unless you require cover as a student. If there is a therapy you practice that is not listed on the general therapies list, then please send in as much information as you can about the therapy so that we can refer this on to our underwriters.

If you are paying by cheque please make this payable to Balens Ltd. Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay over the telephone, please write a note on your form, and I or one of my colleagues will give you a call.

It is a condition of the insurance that you must be a member of the Association under whose block scheme you are taking insurance and your membership must remain in force for the duration of the policy.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Block Scheme Dept on 01684 580 771.

Download the Insurance Documentation as a PDF DOCUMENT


Download the Insurance application form as a PDF DOCUMENT