Online Learning for Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy


Practical skills
Online videos can support your massage and Soft Tissue Therapy training but it can never replace the classroom experience.


  • You may think you are doing a technique in the same way as shown on the screen but how can you tell?
  • The screen may only show you what the tutor is demonstrating with their hands but you may not see how they move their whole body which is just as important.
  • No two people are the same and there is no technique that is right for everyone. Even if you can exactly copy what you see on the screen it is unlikely to be exactly right for you.
  • Learning online from home will usually mean you only get to practice on a very few close friends or family but you really need a wider experience than this.


To develop good hands-on therapy skills, you need to train in classroom environment where experienced tutors can give individual guidance. You can also practice on a variety of other students to get a wider experience. And sharing the learning experience over time and with a group of fellow students adds even greater value to training.

All our students have free access to our extensive library of over 50 online videos which are exclusive to us and cover most elements of our training programme. They do not replace any classroom sessions but help remind students of the techniques taught in the classroom to help support them when practicing.


Massage video clips

The screenshot images above are taken from our YouTube channel, these are freely available and are
not part of our extensive student & ISRM members video library

Online home study
To develop all the essential underpinning knowledge and understanding needed to be a Level 5 qualified therapist, as well as classroom lectures and discussions we have a comprehensive online coursework system for home-study. This includes guidance and advice on how to answer the questions, and where to find the supporting information. Students can work through the assignments in their own time and when it suits them best..