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Is Soft Tissue Therapy the Career for you

Taking over from Physiotherapy which no longer uses the hands-on treatment techniques.

Treating the most common of all injuries + preventative and maintenance treatment + Sports Massage. The market is immense.

Cheaper and quicker training than Physiotherapy with greater market potential.

Earn £50K+ a year

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Differences Between Level 3 and 4 and 5 Sports Massage Qualifications

This article desribes the difference between the qualification Levels and what you need to be aware of when choosing a training course.

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What is Soft Tissue Therapy

Assessment, treatment, rehabilitation

Biopsychosocial framework of care

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Sports Massage Training Scam

Beware of short and online massage courses. Find out why here.

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About Our qualification

Pioneer of Sports Massage

ISRM was set up to expand the qualification

Evolving into Soft Tissue Therapy


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Internationally recognition

Why there is NO international recognition

Examples of other countries requirements  

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Do not waste time and money trying to learn massage online

Why online learning does not work with hands-on skills

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Why I’m happy to call myself a Soft Tissue Therapist

One of our graduates explains why she is proud to call herself a Soft Tissue Therapist 

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You Cannot Massage Someone With a Certificate

  • Short intensive courses with a lot of online content may be very tempting but in reality they are most likely to be a waste of time and money because they don’t provide enough skill and knowledge to enable you to succeed as a therapist.  
  • A good career needs a good investment and the cheaper easy options are a false economy because they just don’t work!

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The difference between Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

Sports massage only deals with the sporting needs of a client. Sport is just part of most people's lives so Sports Massage should only be part of the job.

Soft Tissue Therapy can help people from all walks of life, suffering with the widest range of musculoskeletal problems, caused by any of life’s stresses.

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The Different Level of Training

Level 3 is not high enough to achieve a proper Sports Massage service.

Level 4 is delivered as a add-on to Level 3 so the higher clinical skills are build on a lower level of basic knowledge and understanding.

Ours is an integrated Level 5 so everything is geared towards this clinical level of competence.


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Why our qualification is the best

As a small independent training provider we have been developing our qualification since 1989 through the clinical experience of Mel Cash and his team of incredibly talented tutor/therapists. 

It has been built only on the proven techniques and methods that we know work well in the real clinical environment and help our clients the most. It has also responded to changes in modern healthcare so we now go way beyond sports massage and can also effectively help the 90% of the population who do not do sport but still suffer with minor and chronic injuries.

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Where Modern Sports Massage began

It began in the early 1980's when some keen athletes took up massage and developed their skill and knowledge to meet the needs of other athletes.

LSSM was the first sports massage school following the first book by Mel Cash.

They developed this to better meet the needs of the clients, and in response to the changing market for musculoskeletal healthcare.

This has now evolved into Soft Tissue Therapy.


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Career Success in Soft Tissue Therapy

This article describes how good training and experience develops into a successful lifetime career in Soft Tissue Therapy.

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Online Learning

Most of the underpinning theory is taught through online assignments.

All practical hands-on techniques are taught in the classroom with supervision and guidance from highly experience tutors.

Our online video library provide additional support to the classroom experience and do not replace any classes.


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A Good Career Needs a Good Investment

There are now many short intensive massage courses which I suppose fit in with modern-day life expectations. People want fast-food or instant results and they don’t want to wait for anything anymore. But you only get what you pay for!

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Why we are with BTEC

BTEC is the largest Government-backed awarding body in the UK.

Our Customised qualification

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Why Train With ISRM

LSSM has been going for over 30 years and is the pioneer of Sports Massage and the only Soft Tissue Therapy qualification in the UK. 

  • To train therapist to best meet the needs of today's clients
  • To give therapists the most stimulating and rewarding life-time careers.

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Physiotherapy v Soft Tissue Therapy

  •  Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years.
  • The old traditional hands-on techniques that Physiotherapists used to use are still as effective today as they ever were, also patients still like them and respond very well to them. Indeed, we now put on special Soft Tissue Therapy courses for recently qualified Physiotherapist who desperately want to develop these hands-on skills again
  • Physiotherapy training takes three years on a full-time degree with tuition fees of nearly £30,000, plus living costs.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy training only costs around £3,000 on a part-time (usually weekends) course taking no more than a year.


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So what is Sports Massage

More than just a good massage

An integral part of training

Identify and treat potential injuries

Treat and rehabilitate sports related injuries

Advice on rehabilitation, training and performance.

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Evolution Has a Lot to Answer For by Mel Cash

The human body has evolved into what we see today and every part of it is there for a reason.

It has all evolved to meet our lifestyle needs in the best and most efficient way.

Or has it?

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Sports Massage v Soft Tissue Therapy


How Sports Massage came about. 

So how did ‘Sports Massage’ become a mini-industry?

Misled by ‘Sports Massage’

Is Sports Massage a good job?

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Career potential in Soft Tissue Therapy



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Everyone needs Soft Tissue Therapy

Everyone suffers with aches and pains from time to time but they are often not bad enough for medical treatment so we just have to suffer with them. Or do we?

Soft Tissue Therapy is not a miracle cure but it often comes pretty close. So don’t put up with those chronic aches and pains that get you down, find yourself a Soft Tissue Therapist.

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Acceptance is what we need

Regulation, Recognition or Acceptance for Soft Tissue Therapy


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Statutory Regulation in Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports or Massage Therapy

 This is a detailed essay on Statutory Regulations and other options as they relate to Soft Tissue Therapy and similar professions.

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Soft Tissue Therapy Where is the Science

Some people want to dismiss Soft Tissue Therapy because they say it has no scientific basis. But we all use self-massage and stretching because we know it works. This pre-dates modern science by tens of thousands of years. People go to Soft Tissue Therapists because they do these natural remedies better than they can do themselves, and because you can't massage your own back!

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