Want a Rewarding Lifetime Career Don t Waste Your Time Learning Sports Massage Therapy

by Mel Cash - Aug 30th, 2018

What’s wrong with Sports Massage/Therapy?

Too many courses training too many therapists to chase too little work. There has been an explosion in the number of sports massage and other sports-based qualifications in recent years but there has also been a very significant decline in the number of people doing regular sport since the peak of 2012 (London Olympics). It does not matter how good the sports-based course is or how well you do on it, statistically the odds are now against you making a good career out of it.

 Sports massage is okay as a part-time job to earn a bit of extra money but it’s not a great career. People want treatment as a reward for hard exercise or as a bit of a luxury so they usually want it in the evenings or at weekends. This is not the ideal basis for a quality lifelong career.

 It’s not always what people want or need either. Clients usually have a particular ache or pain when they go for a sports massage but the training courses only teach a routine type of massage without any injury assessment or clinical treatment protocols. You won’t have the proper skills to give them what they need.

 What’s right with Soft Tissue Therapy?

 Our Soft Tissue Therapy qualification has evolved over 30 years to best meet the modern need in society. Cutbacks in NHS funding and changes to the way Physiotherapists are trained means that public healthcare is no longer able to deal effectively with the minor and chronic aches and pains that everyone gets. The sports market is saturated with too many therapists and the real need now is with the greater population as a whole.

 We train therapist to deal effectively with the widest range of minor and chronic injuries which affect all sorts of people so the market for our skills is truly emense. As a career it is also full of variety and new challenges so you should never get bored as a Soft Tissue Therapist.

 Our BTEC Level 5 qualification in Soft Tissue Therapy is the only one of its kind in the UK and is only available through one of the ISRM training centres (Central London, Southampton, Brighton, Exmouth, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge).