Where Do People Go to Get Their Chronic Backache Treated

by Mel Cash - Nov 24th, 2017


Physiotherapist: Modern-day Physiotherapists mostly prescribe exercises to treat chronic backache but unfortunately this does not always achieve the best results. Although the exercises may be very good people often can’t do them well because the muscles are damaged and painful to start with. If they get good treatment first from a Soft Tissue Therapist the muscles can work properly and then they can get the benefits from exercise.

Osteopathy: All Osteopaths are different in the way they work but many will mostly use manipulation (or cracking joints) to treat the problem. This can be effective but most cases of chronic backache mostly involve the muscles and so focussing on the joints may not be the most direct answer.

Going to the Gym: This only works if you really know what exercise will be safe and effective to treat the problem, and that is no easy matter. Even with the right exercises, if the muscles are stiff and painful to start with it can be impossible to do them well, or safely. Some good Soft Tissue Therapy in conjunction with exercise can be the only way for it to work.

Pilates or Yoga: These can be excellent ways to improve postural alignment and movement which will help prevent injury. But if the muscles are injured and painful to start with it may be impossible to do the exercises well. In combination with Soft Tissue Therapy they can be the best answer to the problem over the longer term.

Painkillers and rest: This is only good if you have a minor backache caused by a one-off accident of over exertion, and providing you don’t do it again!

SOFT TISSUE THERAPY is the fastest and effective way of relieving most cases of chronic backache. It massively speeds up the recovery of muscles and the associated tissues, better than anything else can. A good therapist won’t just deal with the immediate area of pain but will also consider the underlying cause of the injury and offer more long term advice and support. To find a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist go to https://www.theisrm.com/directory.php

Because Soft Tissue Therapy is a fairly new discipline in modern healthcare there are not enough properly qualified therapists around to meet the demand, and most are in the South of England where the first training centres have been set up. This means it’s also a great Profession to get into.

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