How we are coping with Covid


Government’s Covid legislation has not prevented education or travelling to and from it. This could be because educational facilities are much better able to control their environment. We work closely with our local venues to make sure we meet all the necessary regulations and operate in a safe environment. With sensible organisation we can achieve social distancing. We have plenty of sanitisers and everyone has to wear a face covering in the building and wear visors when working in close contact (hands-on). This may not be ideal but it has worked better than we expected and it is something we have unfortunately got used.

We keep students fully informed about any information that may affect them and make all possible allowances for the changing situation. You can contact the individual school for their local and most up to date protocols.

Tier 4 ONLY Latest regulations now include massage therapy (which we are allied to) on the list of close contact services which are not allo   wed, so we have to suspend face to face classes in this situation. To help students through this most difficult time we have over 30 of our own online training videos to watch and all written assignments can be done online. Hopefully such extreme lockdowns do not last long and the schools can reschedule the classes in the best way possible.

During these difficult times it is hard, or impossible, for students to practice their skills outside the classroom. In response, we are now doing more talks and lectures online so we can have more classroom time doing supervised hands-on practice.

Our primary aim is to train students well but this needs practice. If towards the end of a course the lockdown circumstances have prevented a student from getting enough practice, we can give them more time or try to provide extra classroom practice sessions. Whatever the circumstances we will always aim to provide the very best training, because our reputation depends on it.

ISRM has been consulting with Health and Safety experts and working hard and to give the best advice and support to our members during the Coronavirus lockdown.

As the leader and pioneer of Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy since 1989 we believe it is our duty to share our expertise with the whole industry so we offer these documents, free to download, for all hands-on therapists.

Hands-on Therapist - Return to Practice (Preliminary Guidence).pdf

Return to Practice Documentation

Other Coronavirus related information sent to our members

UK Government's COVID-19 recovery plan

If you have a Level 3 or 4 qualification in Sports Massage, or equivalent, and are interested in upgrading to a BTEC Level 5 in Soft Tissue Therapy:

BTEC Level 5 Upgrade course information