(during the lockdown)


During the Coronavirus lockdown, social distancing guidelines make it impossible to provide hands-on treatment so our sector of healthcare cannot operate and our therapist are unable to work. Thankfully the government is offering some financial support which we hope will enable us to survive. 

To help our members at this very difficult time we have reduced the annual membership fee to only £25 and are offering as much support as we can with many free online classes and webinars.

There is talk and speculation about re-opening the economy and we are all wondering where Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy will fit into this. We have to play a waiting game to see what the government policy and guidelines will eventually be. For legal and professional reasons, we have to work within the government guidelines and until we know these it would be wrong to speculate. We are following the news as diligently as we can and will continue to give our members the best advice we can, as quickly as we can.

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